Care + Wear: Bodies Crafted for Harm + Healing. An exhibition of wares by the Museum of Fear and Wonder. Exhibition curated and hosted by the Esker Foundation, 2023.
EL TEQUILENO Brand Story. A look at this iconic distillery in Tequila, the family behind it and their passion for all things tequila. 2023

HARTMAN DESIGN STUDIO inc. is a full service design studio. We have designed and produced a vast range of work for an equally vast clientele. This includes large scale branding for clients that have a global footprint and a lot to say, to identities for local businesses with their own unique offering. Each brand has a story to tell and we help them tell it.

We also work on a large array of editorial projects including books and magazines, brochures and catalogues, annual and sustainability reports… we could go on. Our goal is to deliver design solutions targeted to address each client’s unique business challenge. And we do it well.

“Kelly Hartman (Hartman Design Studio Inc) was instrumental in strategically rebranding Hoffman Institute Canada. She was able to clarify who we were, what made us unique, and how we could tell our story in a clear, informative and meaningful way. The brand was repositioned so all elements not only resonated with our past clients but helped open the door to many new clients. It was approachable, accessible and very appropriate.”

– Darren Weeks, Owner, Hoffman Institute Canada