Forest First Colombia

A Planted Forest Company

Forest First Colombia is a sustainable planted forest company in Colombia. While the operation is local, the reach of this company is global. Eucalyptus trees are what they plant and grow but the by-products are many and the audiences diverse.


The brand was designed to be fresh and forward thinking. Key foundations for the brand were given living and active metaphors to form four pillars for the brand: “Living, Breathing, Growing and Learning”. These four pillars were represented through both language and colour. Each one could be utilized and pulled to the forefront as needed for a particular conversation to a particular audience. It created useful categories while at the same time a unified foundation. All colours were pulled from the local and the physical Eucalyptus tree itself. The visual vernacular of the brand also utilized angular elements suggesting that a “boxed” approach was not in this companies vision. Messaging was current and friendly yet informative and credible.
Project Type

Brand + Website + Corporate Document