Hoffman Institute Canada

A brand around the idea of Shift.

Hoffman is a unique business with a very multifarious offering. The branding challenges are complex and interesting but the opportunities to tell real, engaging stories – stories that are transparent, honest and impactful – and can ultimately affect lives, are immense.The Hoffman Brand was designed around the idea of a “Shift”. Change is a big word but the idea of a shift is much more accessible… a shift in your thinking; a shift in the way you view your life and a shift in the way you lead your life; and a shift in being your best possible self.


This strategy behind the new brand embraced an inclusive, friendly approach to the messaging and supporting graphics and the tone shifted to one of positivity and hope. The new website needed to have added functionality to the registering process and access to information but it is also intended to celebrate all that the Hoffman Process has to offer… a new lens on life.


It’s not often that you get to be involved in working on a brand for a company where there is such a delicate need to balance the real practicalities of a “successful, profitable business” with the need to position the company to it’s audience(s) in a way that embraces the true meaning of it’s offering on a deep, truly human level.


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