Science Foundation Alberta

Science Alberta Ever Wonder Campaign

Hartman Design Studio was hired to create an awareness campaign for Science Alberta. It was tying into a series of other education ventures around the idea of ‘Ever Wonder’. The purpose was to create a more positive view of science and create hype around the idea that science can be a fun, interesting, engaging profession to go into. The target was University/College level boys and girls. The hope was to dismiss the notion that science was only for ‘geeks’!

We created a campaign using water purification as a subject. As this is a human necessity, science plays a vital role in the way water is handled in Alberta. A campaign featuring a series of black and white images using students in labs working behind the scenes or behind closed doors using various science tools. This created a sense of intrigue – like the viewer was looking in on a secret experiment that they weren’t supposed to see. There was a a sense of intrigue and mystery and a need to know what was going on.

The campaign consisted of billboards, transit boards, bus shelter posters and digital displays scattered throughout Alberta.


Science Alberta Foundation

Project Type

Promotional, Advertising, Billboard, Print